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Dear Friends,

I would like to thank everyone for their support. This was my first political campaign, and I learned a lot of lessons. I could not have done this without the support of family, friends, and the good people of District 5. I am very proud of what we accomplished, and I know we made a positive impact. My commitment to public service is unwavering, and I will not give up in improving our community. Now, time for a vacation!

-Christian Enterkin

LATEST UPDATE: Archibong tries to Silence her Opponents. Click here for Enterkin's interview..

Atlanta, October 14, 2013: New Crime Statistics for East Atlanta Released - Murder is up 67% this year alone. Burglary is up 49%, and Robbery up 19%. We need and deserve better! For more information on the statistics, click here.

Christian Enterkin recently spoke with WSBTV about inoperable stop lights along Memorial Drive. Click here to watch.

Christian Enterkin’s Statement on the recent Ethics Charges and Settlement of Incumbent Natalyn Archibong.

Atlanta, September 25, 2013: "As a resident and taxpayer, I'm very disappointed that Incumbent Natalyn Archibong paid her brother over eleven thousand taxpayer dollars ($11,013.46, to be precise) and failed to disclose it until an ethics charge was filed against her. Archibong (an attorney) should easily understand basic ethics laws. The voters in District 5 deserve a councilmember who will maintain high ethical standards and who will not put family members on payroll. After committing such an egregious ethical lapse, I am dismayed that the head of the Ethics Board would agree to such a meager $250 fine. Archibong's settlement and admittance speaks volumes about her priorities. I encourage all residents of District 5 to think long and hard about who best shares their values as they prepare to cast their ballot on November 5th."


I’m proud to announce my candidacy for Atlanta City Council, District 5! Atlanta is a great city and I’m proud to call it home. As we move forward, I believe we need new leadership and a fresh voice representing our district at City Hall. As your next councilmember, I am committed to finding solutions to prevent crime, while improving our quality of life and remaining accessible to you.

Over the next few months, I will be meeting with you in your homes and communities – listening to your ideas and sharing mine. I’m committed to making sure that every resident has a voice. Never hesitate to give me a call…I am here and will listen. My home phone number is
(404) 723-2323 or you can email me at:

Remember, the election is Tuesday, November 5th. Together, we will move Atlanta in the right direction!

Thank You,

Christian Enterkin

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